Biopsychosocial assignment

Two Very Important Notes While this assignment is due in the latter half of the semester, students are strongly encouraged to discuss this assignment with their field instructor or task supervisor within the first few weeks of their field placement.

Biopsychosocial assignment

Date of birth and age Marital status Race, ethnicity, and nationality if not born in the U. Language spoken Neighborhood where client lives general profile of community Living arrangements with whom does the client live?

Biopsychosocial Assessment - Therapist Private Practice

Referral Source who referred the client to agency Nature of request what type of assistance is being sought? In client's own words, presented as a quote 3. Presenting Problem Describe the problem for which the client came or was referred for help.

Include a brief history of the presenting Biopsychosocial assignment Sources of Data Identify all the types of information used to Biopsychosocial assignment this assessment: Interviews Written materials e.

How many times were interviews conducted, colleagues consulted, etc? Over what period of time was the information gathered? General Description of Client: Note any signs or mention of anxiety, depression, or other mood states, if they are present.

Background and Current Functioning 1. Family Composition and Background Nuclear family members and significant relationships; list members, ages, marriage dates, deaths, divorces.

Describe relationships-focus on marital and parental strengths and difficulties, if relevant. The family of origin family with whom one grew up ; list members, ages, where they live, deaths, divorces. Describe all of these relationships. Educational Background School history and current status.

Employment and Vocational Skills Occupation, Work history, and current status e. What religion they identify as if any The level of involvement with and support from the religious community.

Other spiritual practices and beliefs. Include the type of discharge received honorable, medical disability, dishonorable. Mention any combat experiences or highly stressful assignments the client experienced while in the service. Physical Functioning, Health Conditions, and Medical Background Physical development, general health, disabilities, and current functioning.

History of disease, accidents, genetic predispositions, and prescription medication. History of substance abuse e. History of substance abuse treatment. Social, Community, and Recreational Activities Social functioning, are there any significant friendships, interpersonal relationships, support network?

Use of community organizations or resources e. How is client functioning with respect to basic life necessities-food, housing, employment?

What entitlements does the client receive? What assistance does client require? Discrimination or Sexual Harassment.

Biopsychosocial assignment

If a recent immigrant to this country, any acculturation adjustment to the new, dominant culture of the USA problems. Difficulties resulting from a physical or mental handicap. Client Strengths, Capacities, and Resources How does the client cope?

What Stage of Change is the client in? Impressions, Assessment, and Recommendations 1. Clinical Summary, Impressions, and Assessment First give a brief, sentence summary of what you have already written: Identify the primary problem, need, or concern the client is dealing with and contributing factors.

Identify secondary problems, needs, or concerns if these are raised.Biopsychosocial Assessment Many insurances require you to write a Biopsychosocial Assessment for new clients. A Biopsychosocial includes information that you gather from intake about the background of . Biopsychosocial Spiritual Assessment and Presentation ( pages in length) Click here for the Entire Assignment and Grading Rubric Social Work Practice Assessment Paper and Presentation.

Purpose The purpose of the Biopsyschosocial-Spiritual Assessment & Presentation assignment is to engage students in a thoughtful process of assessment, reflection, and perspective-taking.

Assignment 3: Biopsychosocial-Cultural Model Traditionally, mental illness was considered a biological problem, either inherited or developed due to genetic vulnerability within the individual. This point of view is termed the medical model. Sep 06,  · A biopsychosocial assessment is a set of questions designed to obtain information about a patient's physical, psychological, and social issues.

Generally, the biopsychosocial model is an effective method of helping depressed people. Depression leads to health problems like cancer and diabetes.

In conclusion, Mr. Miller requires a supportive social context to help him deal with his depression. A guide to writing a biopsychosocial assessment including a written example, a sample treatment plan, and all the necessary information to include. A guide to writing a biopsychosocial assessment including a written example, a sample treatment plan, and all the necessary information to include.

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