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If you do not know what Matinee is, the Matinee Editor or simply Matinee is a system which is based on the use of specialized Tracks in which you can place Keyframes and set the values of certain properties for the Actors in your level where you can adjust those values over time. On this page, we will jump into and discuss each of the different sections inside the Matinee Actor used to create the fight sequence scene and how each of the elements come together to produce the final result shown in the Scene Breakdown section below. With an understanding of how it was constructed, you will be able to modify it and put a different spin on it or take the knowledge, tips-and-tricks learned here and apply them to your own scenes. You can also head to the Matinee and Cinematics documentation for more details on how to work with and use Matinee.

Cartoon interp

It was thought that, among other things, property-less individuals had no stake in the community or might be inclined to vote for profligate spending, since they were not subject to property taxes. Still, land was cheap, and the qualification level was usually set low, so a large majority of free, adult males could vote.

But the truth is more complex. Most blacks were slaves, owned Cartoon interp their white masters, and could not vote. But in a significant number of locations, otherwise-qualified women voted in local elections and town meetings.

Matters of Debate

New Jersey was perhaps the most interesting case for women. It is unclear whether this was originally intended to include women. After a few hotly contested elections in which rampant voter fraud was alleged, there were calls to tighten voter qualifications.

Inamid Cartoon interp that men dressed as women had been going to the polls to cast a second ballot, the right of women to vote in New Jersey was withdrawn.

If there was much opposition to this act of disfranchisement, history has failed to record it. Over the course of the next few decades, property qualifications for men were gradually eliminated, with the notable exception of Rhode Island, which did not eliminate property qualifications for foreign-born citizens until The country as a whole was on the path toward universal manhood suffrage.

Instead, reformers focused on securing for married women the right to own and control property independently of their husbands, to enter into contracts and to sue and be sued—precious rights single women already had. The country was occupied with other things— including the passage and ratification of the Reconstruction Amendments, which attempted to secure the rights of the recently-freed slaves.

But the election of —the first Presidential election since the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment —was a call to action for some. Women had always been citizens; when the Fourteenth Amendment made it clear that no citizen should be denied the privileges and immunities of citizenship, that conferred on women the right to vote, she argued.

When Anthony tried to vote, to her surprise, she was permitted to do so. Her victory was, however, short-lived. Two weeks after the election she was arrested for illegal voting. Despite her argument about the significance of the Fourteenth Amendment, she was convicted. Meanwhile, in Missouri, Virginia Minor had also attempted to register to vote, but had been refused.

She launched her own lawsuit also citing the Fourteenth Amendment. Happersett88 U. Out on the western frontier, however, the movement was succeeding at the territorial level.

When Wyoming applied for statehood, Congress initially balked.

The Script

After a number of false starts, the Nineteenth Amendment, with language modeled after the Fifteenth Amendment, passed the U. House of Representatives on May 21,and the Senate two weeks later.

Cartoon interp

By then, fifteen states provided full voting rights to women, including New York and Michigan. Another group gave them partial voting rights such as the right to vote in municipal elections or primaries. Only seven states barred women from voting entirely. Ratification was nevertheless hard fought.

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Tennessee was the state that put the Amendment over the top in a nail-biter vote in the Tennessee House of Representatives. The individually-authored essays in this series are supposed to point out the disagreements in interpretation.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Nineteenth Amendment is how relatively non-controversial it has been. GarnettU. We revere those who worked hard to make it possible, but little time is spent worrying about how it should be interpreted.

Adding women hugely expanded the electorate.Dreaming of elephants may represent your memory in general or a specific, perhaps repressed, memory that may be trying to emerge from your unconscious; may be referencing something from your past that you keep remembering or bringing up and which you need .

This cartoon, published in Punch magazine in , is titled “Moral Suasion.” The caption included beneath the cartoon was “The Rabbit. ‘My offensive equipment being practically nil, it remains for me to fascinate him with the power of my eye.’. Friday's Editorial Cartoon Archive.

Each cartoon is accompanied by a question requiring the student to demonstrate understanding of the cartoonist’s intended meaning.

Answers to the questions can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the cartoon page. November In , challenged by his children to paint something as good as the images in their cartoon books, he produced his first full-scale pop art picture.

In Look Mickey, Lichtenstein scaled up a. Cartoon Interp. 10 October War; The person in the cartoon is, Woodrow Wilson (president of America.) 2.

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