Compensation research paper

These include various forms of income, fringe benefits, and other forms of deferred compensation. In detailing some of the complexity of researching economic well-being through compensation, the paper calls for the young researcher to go beyond the analysis of annual income.

Compensation research paper

Is it worth the time and money to have a strict safety program? These are both questions that construction companies have been asking for years.

But before these questions can be answered lets look it the history of workers' compensation. Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. Using this statistic alone the need is apparent for a good system for workers' compensation insurance.

Prior to workers' compensation legislation an employee had two choices for collecting lost wages and medical cost due to injury. They could either a take whatever offer the employer gave them or b sue their employer. The cost of litigation has always been high and mostly unaffordable to the common man.

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Even if the employee had the money to take his employer to litigation and found him to be negligent, the employer could often defeat the worker's claim under one of the three common law defenses: In addition to the difficulty of overcoming the common law defenses, the injured worker faced other problems in trying to bring suit against the employer.

Filing suit often resulted in the injured worker's losing Compensation research paper job. The lawsuits were expensive and time-consuming. So this meant that the employee pretty much had to take what the employer offered them.

This became apparent to employees that something needed to be done to protect their rights. By every state had enacted an operational system for workers' compensation Lencsis, The main economic purpose of workers' compensation insurance is to tie an on-the-job injury or death to an expensive of production and should be paid for by the industry.

A tort can be paraphrased as a civil wrongdoing that causes someone to take legal action. The tort laws can be broken down into three different divisions.


The first division is intentional tort. This division includes assault, battery, defamation, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, and things of that nature.

The second division of tort is strict liability which involves liability for hazardous activities and certain kinds of product liability. The last division is negligence. Negligence is the one that will be used the most in workers' compensation cases. Negligence is defined as a failure to use reasonable care to prevent injury physical or otherwise to another person, which proximately causes injury to that other person Lencsis, So what is reasonable care?

It is not clearly defined. The bases of it are what a reasonable person would do to insure safety. Basically it just depends on what the judge and jury find or believe to be reasonable.

Workers' compensation laws are governed by individual states and may vary from state to state, but all employers are required by law to provide some type of workers' compensation insurance for their employees. The purpose of the experience rated plans is to recognize differences between individuals or companies.

To recognize differences in companies for workers' compensation there needs to be a rating system. The system that workers' compensation uses is the experience modification rating system.

Compensation research paper

The experience modification rate does account for the loss experience and other characteristics of each employer and is used to modify the manual rate. The manual rate is based on the idea that the frequency of losses for a particular type of work is statistically predictable. The National Council on Compensation Insurance describes and assigns a four digit classification code toe ach of about work classifications Classification, The purpose of the experience modification rate is to help improve prediction of future losses based on past experience.

Employers with bad safety records pay more for workers' compensation insurance than employers with good safety records. The experience modification rate takes into account an individual employer's insurance experience Hancher, Garza, and Eckert, The actual experience modification rate itself is a number generally between 0.

This number is a multiplier so the greater the number is over 1. So how to you find out what your experience modification rate is?

The following formula is used to calculate experience modification rates:The Compensation Research and Program Development Group (CRPDG) carries out research that addresses methodological, conceptual, and technical issues of concern to the Office of Compensation and Working Conditions (OCWC), which includes the National Compensation Survey, and the Workplace Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities Programs, and other Bureau.

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It is hoped that a better understanding of compensation and benefits is achieved at the conclusion of this paper. Compensation Webster’s dictionary defines compensation as payment for services such as wages (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, , p). (ERI Economic Research Institute).

Oct 17,  · Apprenticeship Training, Attendance, Business Expenses, Compensation Administration, Consumer Price Index, Contingent Workers, Credit Unions, Employment Contracts. Research method is the analysis and synthesis of scientific literature, logical, comparative and graphic representation.

On the base of analysis, authors of this paper. present the model of incentive system for positive employee attitudes and behaviors. Keywords: . Workers' Compensation This Research Paper Workers' Compensation and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 16, • Research Paper • 2, Words (9 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

- Introduction The purpose of this research paper is to review the challenges and trends in compensation in the public sector from an interdisciplinary view of local, state, and federal agencies human resources.

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