En 1420 unit 3 assignment

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Infantry Fighting Vehicle — Both could carry a few Panzergrenadiers and were armed with a 20 mm autocannon. However, both their fighting capabilities and carrying abilities were quite limited, which makes the Soviet design superior in many ways but moreover much more widespread.

Indeed as both German IFVs were only used in Germany, the BMP-1 was produced, directly or indirectly until the s to an extent of 20, vehicles and 64 countries had it or still have it in service. When revealed publicly init caused a stir with Western officials.

There was no equivalent in the arsenal of the free world then.

En 1420 unit 3 assignment

Therefore, thinkers in the Soviet Army had the idea at least to test an hybrid between an APC and a tank, which was to became the very concept of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle, a unique creation of the cold war. Not really a light tank nor an APC this was a new category for a traditional tactical assignment, and a successful one which indeed nailed the coffin of the light tank and added an upper level to the APC genre at large.

Specifications were drawn up in the late s already and there were questions about the nature of the vehicle, either wheeled or tracked or even hybrid.

They specified a good speed, good armament, and crucially the ability for all squad members to fire from within the vehicle, whereas infantry had to dismount of traditional APCs.

Protection had to be superior, including against similar rank weaponry, 20—23 mm caliber autocannons across the frontal arc, and a collective NBC protection was also already envisioned. Three prototypes of the latter were built and tested by an active unit the th Guards Rifle Divisionwhich differed by minor details, ranging in weight from The driver was at the front left-hand side, with his own hatch above and three TNPO periscopes covering the frontal arc, the central one could be swapped for an active binocular TVNO-2 IR sight.

In addition, he is given the TNPOB raised periscopes used for driving when the trim vane is erected when swimming. For self-defense, his right-side opening hatch is given a pistol port.

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Behind him was the commander, with his own two-folded hatch, the upper half being lifted and used as a shield. He too had three vision blocks.

The TNPO vision devices have all cleaning and heating systems. The commander is in charge of the RM radio. He can access easily to ready rounds stored around him on the sloped walls cradles, and the turret traverse is electric, but with a manual backup.

There is a fume extraction system. Current practice was to leave the gun raised enough to avoid it. Polish BWP-1 crew compartment Vision range varies from meters yds to meters yds.

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This is completed by a set of 4 periscopes and an optical rangefinder. In addition, the OU-3GK infrared or white-light searchlight can be fitted to the gun. The range scale was raised to 1, and 1, metres 1, — 1, yd. Protection The famous wedge-shaped welded rolled steel hull seen from profile did not tell of a wide vehicle 2.

En 1420 unit 3 assignment

This was seen as a crucial advantage during the Afghan war, as the fear of mines made the troops preferring to stay above the vehicle rather inside.

With its low, flat and weak belly, the BMP was indeed an easy prey for these devices. Armour protection ranged from 6 mm to 33 mm main gun mantlet 0. Troop compartment overview Furthermore, the high angle beak made it likely to deflect all sorts of rounds and on top of that, the upper nose was protected by the added layer of the trim vane.

This level of protection, however, did not prove immune to the 25 millimeters 0. Total weight was For active protection, the BMP was given only the possibility of creating a thick white smoke cloud by injecting vaporized diesel fuel into the exhaust manifold TDA engine thermal smoke generating system.

Many vehicles modernized in the s were given banks of smoke grenades dischargers. Mobility Standard production version had the UTD V6 6 V-shaped cylinders 4-stroke diesel which had an airless-injection, and water-cooled and multifuel, and View and Download Siemens LMS14 user manual online.

Albatros2 Boiler management unit. LMS14 Control Unit pdf manual download. EN–Unit 1 Assignment 1 September 21, 1). What background information do you need to know in order to read this image intelligibly? You do not need any background information to read this visual argument.

This photo is self-explanatory. 2). Trying to locate: Former Members 2/1 Cav (VN) Branch of Service: Army Unit was: 2nd Sqdn 1st Cavalry Where served: Central Highlands Viet Nam When served: Message is: Anyone who servered with 2/1 Cav in Viet Nam during and not currently a member of the Assocation please contact me either by E-Mail, regular mail or telephone.

Unit 5 Response Organization Page IS grows beyond the capability of a local jurisdiction, of FEMA resources and the mission assignment of Hnd Graded Unit 2.

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