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Bible Plan for Resolving Family Strife Strife, conflict, and alienation trouble many modern marriages.

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Quarreling and even violence and abuse may lead to bitterness and divorce. God invented marriage, so His word reveals how best to conduct it and how to resolve marital problems. God's word does not guarantee marital bliss, but it does give guidance and counsel to help couples with serious problems.

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For more information go to www. It is also available as a free e-book at https: Every family has disagreements. The couple that never has conflicts does not exist. Unfortunately, conflict can lead to bad fights. A bad fight is one that seriously alienates husband and wife but never resolves the cause of the problem.

As a result couples build up bitterness, quarreling, uncontrolled anger, hatred, and often divorce, violence, and abuse. What many couples lack is the skill to discuss disagreements and resolve them.

Specifically, they need the ability to discuss serious problems, reach a plan to resolve them, and then put that plan into action. I emphasize that this is a skill that many people simply never have learned, but which can be learned.

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The purpose of this study is to learn what the Bible says about how to resolve conflict in marriage. We are concerned with conflict, strife, and alienation in general, but especially with serious conflicts that destroy the relationship of husband and wife and that may lead to divorce.

Consider the following Bible counsel that can help couples avoid or resolve such serious problems. They resign themselves to go on quarreling and hating the rest of their lives, or they end the marriage by divorce. Couples need to believe that, by God's power, they CAN resolve their marriage problems if both parties will really work at it.

If we trust in ourselves we may fail. But we must believe that Jesus will provide the strength we need to please to God. Careful thought will convince us that serious marriage conflict is not God's will for us.

God created marriage for the good of man and woman. He never intended for marriage to be a source of hatred and bitter grudges. Hatred, bitter quarreling, and alienation in our homes mean that someone is disobeying God.

Either the problem began because someone disobeyed God, or else the original problem led someone to commit other sinful acts. In either case, serious marriage problems almost always involve sin.

If so, then we can overcome the problems by the same methods the Bible describes for overcoming other sins! Recognizing that sin is the root of the problem gives hope, because a Christian knows that God has the solution to sin.

Hatchet answer private

However, marriage involves two people. A problem between two people can only be completely removed if both parties are willing to work at it. If only one person obeys God, the other person can keep the problem alive. However, if your partner will not work to improve the marriage, this does not remove your responsibility to do what you can.

To please God, you must follow His will regardless of what your partner does. You must believe that you can please God regardless of how others act.

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This includes overcoming improper family relations, but we must believe that it can be done by the power of God. If both parties commit themselves to practice God's plan, any couple can eliminate sin from their marriage. And regardless of whether or not your partner obeys God, you can still please God if you will follow the steps we are about to describe.John G.

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