Ifugao culture

Philippine Statistics Authority [2] [31] [34] The population of Ifugao in the census waspeople, [2] with a density of 77 inhabitants per square kilometre or inhabitants per square mile. Ifugaos, despite the similarities in some cultural traditions and practices, are considered a separate ethnic group from Igorots. The total number of Tinguian in the province of Ifugao is 2,

Ifugao culture


Trek from Banaue and visit four different Ifugao villages. Hike through spectacular rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls.

Ifugao culture

Ifugao is the name of the region and the people Ifugao culture for the Banaue rice terraces that stand out among other terraced crop paddies in the world because of their magnitude and beauty.

But, unknown to many, the grandeur of the Ifugao province extends far beyond Banaue. This adventure takes us deep into the Ifugao region to places that most tourists do not see. We trek through stunning scenery of mountains, rice terraces and forests and stop at native communities along the way.

We interact with the fascinating Ifugaos and get a deep appreciation of their culture by making a different village our home each night. Travel to Banaue The group assembles in Manila in the evening and we get some shut-eye while we travel through winding mountain roads. When we wake up we will be in Banaue, home of the famous rice terraces, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

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The first destination is the village of Pula which is about a three 3 hour hike away. After a break in Pula we hike another four 4 hours to Cambulo where we stay the night at a village inn. The rice terraces of Pula and Cambulo are characterized by their pyramid-like appearance, with the terraces cut almost degrees around the mountains.

Batad We take a three 3 hour hike to Batad, famous for its amphitheater of rice terraces. In Batad we spend another three 3 hours hiking to the Tappiya waterfalls and exploring the rice paddies and village.

The night is spent at a village inn. Bangaan A three 3 hour hike from Batad brings us to Bangaan, the final village of our adventure. On the way we pass through more rice paddies and see picturesque villages and rice terraces in the distance.

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We reach Bangaan shortly after noon and get some well deserved food and booze before riding back to Banaue to catch our evening bus to Manila. If you are the only person to sign up for a scheduled departure, you have the option of getting a full refund, rescheduling to a guaranteed departure, or doing a private tour for an additional USD If you'd like to go on this adventure but these dates don't suit your schedule, please contact us, and we will set up a group departure date for you.

You can also do this trip as a Private Tour. Price per person, USD Not included in the price: Tips to restaurant waiters, local guides, etc. Your trip leader can suggest an appropriate amount.

Also, if you are happy with the service of your Trip Leader, a tip at the end of your adventure will be greatly appreciated. The following vaccinations are recommended:While flood myths are common to practically every culture on the planet, they differ significantly in detail.

This article describes hundreds of flood myths originating from cultures all over the globe. · The American R.F. Barton lived with and studied the Ifugao in the s and wrote about their culture in two sensitive and well-researched books. In the s, Eduardo Masferré produced some of the finest ethnographic photographs ever taken anywhere in the world while living in northern ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com Ifugao religious beliefs are expressed in the numerous rites and prayers (baki) that comprise the main body of Ifugao myths.

The myths and folktales tell of their gods and goddesses, related supernatural beings, their ancestors and the forces of nature. The Ifugaos, aside from being deity worshipers, are nature worshipers and ancestor ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com CULTURE DEFINED In everyday usage, the term culture refers to the finer things in life, such as the fine arts, literature, philosophy, and classical music.

The term culture has a much broader meaning that goes far beyond mere personal ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com An Ifugao will put a rice field wherever there is a water supply - whether it be necessary to append it to a steep cliff or to control a river.

Value of Rice Fields T he value of ph-vs.com A must watch documentary film about the misrepresentation of Ifugao’s hugo/bul-ul and its evolving meaning.

The documentary historicized the changing concept of bul-ul through time and how Christianization, misrepresentation by scholars (ehem, anthropologists), and commercialization of culture played not only in recreating its meaning but its ph-vs.com

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