Jean jacques rousseau auto biography

Youth[ edit ] Rousseau was born in Genevawhich was at the time a city-state and a Protestant associate of the Swiss Confederacy. SinceGeneva had been a Huguenot republic and the seat of Calvinism. Five generations before Rousseau, his ancestor Didier, a bookseller who may have published Protestant tracts, had escaped persecution from French Catholics by fleeing to Geneva inwhere he became a wine merchant.

To be free in this sense, said Rousseau, was to be happy. Originally entitled Lettres de deux amants, habitants d'une petite ville au pied des Alpes, the work was structurally a novel in letters, after the fashion of the English author Samuel Richardson — The originality of the novel won it harsh reviews, but its sexual nature made it immensely popular with the public.

Jean jacques rousseau auto biography

It remained a best seller until the French Revolution ina massive uprising calling for political and social change throughout France. Even today the ideas set forth in these works are revolutionary. Both of the books were burned by the authorities in Geneva, Switzerland. Exile and death Forced to flee from France, Rousseau sought refuge at Yverdon in the territory of Bern.

There he was kicked out by the Bernese authorities and would spend the next few years seeking a safe place to live. But Rousseau, falsely believing Hume to be in league with his Parisian and Genevan enemies, not only refused the pension but also openly broke with the philosopher.

Rousseau returned to France in June under the protection of the Prince de Conti. Wandering from place to place, he at last settled in in Paris. There he made a living, as he often had in the past, by copying music. By December the Confessions, upon which he had been working sincewas completed, and he gave readings from this work at various private homes.

For More Information Cranston, Maurice. University of Chicago Press, Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Exile and Adversity. Rousseau in 90 Minutes.

Jean jacques rousseau auto biography

She was twenty-four years old, a maid at Rousseau's lodgings. She remained with him for the rest of his life—as mistress, housekeeper, mother of his children, and finally, inas his wife. They had five children—though some biographers have questioned whether any of them were Rousseau's.

Apparently he regarded them as his own even though he assigned them to a hospital for abandoned children. Rousseau had no means to educate them, and he reasoned that they would be better raised as workers and peasants by the state.Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of the most influential of the Enlightenment philosophers.

Born in Geneva in , he spent much of his adult life in Paris, where he became involved with the. No other philosopher’s biography is perhaps so well-known as that of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who made his own life the subject of a number of his writings, including his great autobiographical work, the Confessions.

He was born in in Geneva. Jean Jacques Rousseau Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the most well-known philosophers to ever live. A Swiss born philosopher, writer, and political theorist, Rousseau’s writing inspired the leaders of the French Revolution, Enlightenment movement and the Romantic generation.

With the publication of The Social Contract in , Jean-Jacques Rousseau took his place among the leading political philosophers of the Enlightenment. Like his contractarian predecessors (Thomas Hobbes and John Locke), Rousseau sought to ground his political theory in an understanding of human 5/5(1).

Jean-Jacques Rousseau () is by any reasonable measure one of the most influential figures in modern philosophy. His radical ideas profoundly influenced literature, education, philosophy, religion, public morals, art, manners, and politics in the eighteenth century and far beyond.

In his lifetime Rousseau made three attempts at an auto-biography: The Confessions finished in , the Dialogues (Rosseau, the Judge of Jean-Jacques) finished in , and The Reveries of the Solitary ph-vs.come all his auto-biographies there are a lot of gaps of knowledge about his life, including some debate about whether he really gave away his children.

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