Just for feet ppt

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Just for feet ppt

Just for feet ppt

For the crime scene investigator or evidence recovery technician assigned the task of recovering fingerprint impressions at the crime scene, it is important that they have a good solid foundation of the basic knowledge.

The knowledge should include the basic terminology, the equipment that is availablesafety standards for the products being used and the basic skills that are being applied in the field.

Fingerprint identification In criminal investigations fingerprints are one of the oldest and most common types of physical evidence found at a crime scene. One of the primary goals of the investigation deals with identification.

Whether the identification is that of an unknown victim body found at the side of the road or that of the perpetrator of a crime. The ridge detail developed and recovered at a crime scene and later identified by a fingerprint examiner becomes an investigative lead starting point for the detectives assigned to the investigation.

A fingerprint is simply defined as friction ridge detail of the hands and the feet. The friction ridges serve two basic purposes. First they allow us to grip and hold on to various surfaces. In forensics, they serve as a method of individual identification. The goal of the crime scene investigator or evidence recovery technician is recognition and recovery of friction ridge detail that might be deposited on the many different surfaces at a crime scene.

The biggest challenge for technology today is adopting to keep up with the ever-changing surface materials. Categories of prints Different regions of the country have different phrases used to describe the terminology and techniques in ridge detail deposit and recovery.

There are three basic categories or types of impressions that may be deposited, detected, developed if need be and recovered at a crime scene. Latent The skin has deposits of oil and perspiration that normally coat the surface. When the hand touches the surface, some of the moisture is transferred from the hand to the object, leaving an impression of the friction ridge detail.

These are referred to as latent impressions. On most surfaces the latent impressions are not readily visible.

The word latent is defined as not visible. That does not mean that it is actually invisible. Using available or oblique lighting on most surfaces will reveal the impression.

The impression must be enhanced or developed to be seen fully and collected. Patent A patent impression occurs as the result of transferring a foreign material coating the skin of the fingers. Examples of the foreign material would be substances like paint, tar, grease, blood, or ink.

The best example of a patent impression would be the ink standards or elimination's that we as investigators collect from individuals. After the ink is applied it becomes the foreign material coating the hands of the individual. A card is used as a transfer medium, thus becoming the object touched and a transferring of the patent impression takes place.

Just for feet ppt

The word patent means obvious or evident. Patent impressions are visible and usually need no enhancement. They are simply photographed and the item that they are deposited on is collected if necessary.

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The photograph and or object actually becomes the investigators lift. Plastic or Molded A plastic or molded impression is deposited when the hands, fingers, or feet is pressed into a soft rubbery type material that will retain the impression of the ridge detail.

Where a latent impression is deposited on the surface, a plastic or molded impression would be deposited into the surface. Examples of the materials where a plastic impression would be deposited are clay, wet paintblood, or tar. Plastic or molded impressions are visible and usually need no enhancement.Remember, the questioner may well have just "thought on her feet" when coming up with a question, so when you give her a second chance, the question may well be better articulated and clearer to all.

By asking to have the question repeated you also get another opportunity to assess the intentions of . JUST FOR FEET (AKA JUST FOR FRAUD) CISI. SOME ADVICE FOR DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES.

We are going to talk about several issues here in the introduction to put in context the fraud cases we will cover and how they affect everyone in the firm.

PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by. SITTING AT JESUS' FEET. Luke Luke Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet They walked on water just as they walked on dusty streets and to walk beside them for a privileged few must’ve felt like walking on air!.

We are on our feet all day long, and we are definitely using our hands just as much.

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The current ratio can give a sense of the efficiency of a company's operating. Chapter 7 Momentum and Impulse.

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