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One page business plan gazelles grand

The Ashcroft Theatre's auditorium was built on two levels and has a false proscenium and a hydraulic Orchestra Pit. The stage is equipped with a fly tower with 30 single purchase counterweights.

There is more on the Ashcroft Theatre below: You may like to visit the Fairfield Hall's own website here. Photo by Archie Handlord Ltd. Fireworks did not interest the people of Croydon on Guy Fawkes Night as much as the opening of their new civic playhouse, called the Ashcroft Theatre after Peggy Ashcroft, who was born in the borough.

For the occasion John Betjeman wrote a Prologue, humorously described by Dame Peggy as a short recitation. Proudly aware of being the first woman to speak on the boards of the new stage, she was also proud to observe that Croydon has stolen a march on London by opening three halls under one roof, to provide our eternal need for drama, music and painting.

Neither the City of London nor the City of Westminster has anything to match Croydon's cultural centre. To Andrew Cruickshank fell the honour of speaking the first words on the Ashcroft stage when he was invited to introduce Dame Peggy to the first audience assembled under the roof of her own theatre.

Cruickshank is a popular figure in Croydon where he helped to pioneer Theatre in the Round at the Pembroke, and his performances in Inherit the Wind and Look Homeward, Angel will not easily be forgotten. Much has happened in the theatre one page business plan gazelles grand then and Mr.

one page business plan gazelles grand

Cruickshank was happy to observe that citizens are now becoming aware of their responsibility to the theatre and so we find delightful playhouses, such as the Ashcroft, being built by the private effort of the people themselves.

Paris has named a theatre after Sarah Bernhardt, New York has her Ethel Barry-more and her Helen Hayes Theatres - and now Greater London has her Ashcroft Theatre - proudly bearing the name of an illustrious actress still at the height of her power and popularity.

Dame Peggy was both grateful and astonished when she was asked if the new civic theatre could be named after her. My gratitude to the Croydon Borough Council for paying me this tribute is only exceeded by my rejoicing that they should have set such an example in their ambitious project of the Fairfield Halls - concert hallart gallery and theatre in one building.

For various reasons, all these theatres closed their doors. Theatre-in-the-Round was pioneered at the Pembroke, where stars of the calibre of Fay Compton and Athene Seyler were tempted to try their hand at playing in the new medium, but since that venture came to an end about the middle of this year, there has been no theatre of any shape or kind in the entire borough.

The decor of the new playhouse with its plain wood walls, cigar brown upholstery and bronze velvet curtains has been devised to create an atmosphere of relaxation for the enjoyment of patrons. No one could hope to appreciate a play under more congenial conditions.

There are seats for more than in the steeply-raked, stalls and the cosy single circle. At times, when a solo artist, a diseuse, a folk singer or a poet reading his own lines, desires an even more intimate auditorium, the back half of the stalls can be cut off by means of folding doors, which disappear into the side walls when not required.

The stage is large enough to accommodate all types of production within reason and it is fitted with an apron stage, which is raised or lowered by hydraulic lifts. Plays can therefore be presented in a picture-frame or on an open stage reminiscent of an Elizabethan playhouse.

When the forestage sinks below the level of the stalls, an orchestra pit is automatically created.

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Back-stage the comfort of the artists has been given every consideration in the dressing-rooms, fitted with white tables and well-lit make-up mirrors.

Capacious cupboards have been built to store the most voluminous of period costumes. Electric razor power plugs have been installed for the convenience of actors who shave just before a performance.

The players are called from their rooms by loud speakers and those on the upper floors are conveyed to stage level by lift, which is sufficiently silent to be used while a play is in performance.

A Green Room is at the disposal of artists wishing to escape from their dressing room between shows, yet not wanting to leave the building. The Grand Theatre, Croydon was designed by Mr. Brough and was opened on Monday the 6th April by Herbert Beerbohm Tree under the ownership of Messrs Batley and Linfoot who can be seen in the programme above.

Batley and Linfoot in the High-street, Croydon, and will be opened on Monday. It is situated near the new municipal buildings, which are to to be opened by the Prince of Wales in May next. The designs of the theatre were executed by Mr. Brough, from the ideas of the proprietors and Mr.

Craven, the style being French Renaissance.

one page business plan gazelles grand

There is seating accommodation for 2, persons. The stage measures 50ft. There is a double instillation of the electric light.

The upholstery, which has been carried out by a Brighton firm, is in peacock-blue and old gold.THE UNOFFICIAL WHITE STRIPES FAQ Version 6 The FAQ that USA Today calls "exhaustive" and currently the only FAQ on the White Stripes. Actually I can't say 'only' anymore theres a couple others out there but they just steal the work that I rightfully stole from others.

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