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He was depicted as a regal, mature man with a sturdy figure and dark beard. His usual attributes were a lightning bolt, a royal sceptre and an eagle. Kronos devoured each of his children as they were born, but Zeus escaped this fate when his mother spirited him away, handing the Titan a stone substitute wrapped in swaddling cloth.

Project zeus

A piece of sheet metal was folded to make the fins and welded to the rear of the projectile. These were dumped from aircraft onto enemy troops and had the same effect as a machine gun fired vertically.

Bodies had been penetrated longitudinally from shoulder to lower abdomen. Jerry Pournelle originated the concept while working in operations research at Boeing in the s before becoming a science-fiction writer. There would be no need to deploy missiles, aircraft or other vehicles.

Although the SALT II prohibited the deployment of orbital weapons of mass destructionit did not prohibit the deployment of conventional weapons.

As the rod would approach Earth it would necessarily lose most of the velocity, but the remaining energy would cause considerable damage. Some systems are quoted as having the yield of a small tactical nuclear bomb. With 6—8 satellites on a given orbit, a target could be hit within 12—15 minutes from any given time, less than half the time taken by an ICBM and without the launch warning.

Such a system could also be equipped with sensors to detect incoming anti-ballistic missile -type threats and relatively light protective measures to use against them e.

Hit-To-Kill Missiles or megawatt-class chemical laser. In the case of the system mentioned in the Air Force report above, a 6. The highly elongated shape and high mass are to enhance sectional density and therefore minimize kinetic energy loss due to air friction and maximize penetration of hard or buried targets.

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The larger device is expected to be quite effective at penetrating deeply buried bunkers and other command and control targets. It has a very high closing velocity and small radar cross-section. Launch is difficult to detect.

Any infrared launch signature occurs in orbit, at no fixed position.


The infrared launch signature also has a much smaller magnitude compared to a ballistic missile launch. The system would also have to cope with atmospheric heating from re-entry, which could melt non-tungsten components of the weapon. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message In the mids, popular science interest in orbital mechanics led to a number of science fiction stories which explored their implications.Zeus is a revolutionary industrial IMEI checker, with an approximate /minute processing speed.

Conference is the second episode of the fourth series of Peep Show. Summary Johnson entrusts Mark with managing a team of workers to figure out a way for marketing to be a branch of sales.

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The project will be called Project Zeus and a presentation is required to be given to the JLB board in Next episode: Gym. Project Nike, (Greek: Νίκη, "Victory", pronounced [nǐːkɛː]), was a U.S. Army project, proposed in May by Bell Laboratories, to develop a line-of-sight anti-aircraft missile system.

The project delivered the United States' first operational anti-aircraft missile system, the Nike Ajax, in A great number of the technologies and rocket systems used for developing the Nike Ajax. ZeEUS - bringing electrification to the heart of the urban bus network Testing electric solutions through live operational demonstrations on high capacity buses and facilitating the market uptake of .

Project zeus

With city and business leaders tight-lipped about the identity of Project Zeus, the facts in evidence indicate the possibilities.

What is known. Zeus Dual is an upgraded dual coil version of the original Zeus RTA, with the innovative leak-proof top airflow system, airflow transferring from the top to the bottom to maintain great flavor. It comes with upgraded postless build deck that allows for easy building for both single coil and dual coils.

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