Rastafarianism the transition of the recreational use of marijuana to a religious necessity

Meaning, they interpret the characters and stories from their own cultural and experiential perspective despite the veneer of traditional belief. Black Judaic movements are no different in this regard. Black Judaism in the United States has a very old history with respect the foundation of the country. For example, there are accounts of Black Judaism in the US that go back as far as the late 17th century s.

Rastafarianism the transition of the recreational use of marijuana to a religious necessity

Comments Candles with marijuana leaf charms. Constitution, they are being religiously persecuted because they use a Schedule I substance to enhance their spiritual awareness: While religious groups can obtain an exemption to use certain an illegal substances, there is no state or group in the U.

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Modern use of marijuana for religious purposes is most associated with the Jamaican-born Rastafari movement, but the first recorded use of marijuana in a religious setting dates all the way back to the second millenium B.

In addition to Rastafari, other religious groups that have used marijuana or viewed the substance as a sacrament include the ancient Chinese groups, ancient Germanic pagans and Hindus. By ruling the way they did, the court decided religious use of marijuana is a valid defense for a marijuana criminal charge.

This was an especially celebrated win for spiritual marijuana users like Rastafarians, since marijuana and related devices used to consume the substance such as pipes are seen as accoutrements no different from a rosary, cross or chalice Christians drink wine out of.

Before this case, there was another historic case inin which Jamison Arend, a licensed Rasta minister, was granted exemption from being tested for drugs while on probation, since the judge ruled testing a spiritual marijuana user for drugs was setting that person up to fail.

One of the biggest frustrations for spiritual marijuana users is the claim that spiritual use is a ruse. Or take the Eucharist away? They would feel strongly.

Why would I go through all of this? I can do if I wanted to anyway. Smith — in which Native Americans in Oregon sued after being denied unemployment benefits after testing positive for illegal substances, specifically the hallucinogen peyote.

The respondents argued peyote is seen by Native Americans as a sacrament and therefore its use should be protected under the First Amendment.

However Olsen says the state argued that if the use of peyote was not allowed for any use, the respondents were not discriminated against because the State of Oregon did not recognize any legal use of peyote.

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Unlike marijuana — which is legal in more than 20 states for medical purposes — the U. But so far, nothing. He added that while not every recreational marijuana user may know it, every person who consumes marijuana is doing so for a spiritual reason.

Raised in a Lutheran family, Ras J. Anyone in their right mind knows this is as stupid as a fight as it gets.

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Healing herb While Olsen used marijuana daily for 20 years — during which time he says he felt healthier — he says he eventually decided to stop using the sacramental herb due to the challenges associated with numerous and frequent marijuana arrests, such as losing his job.

But Olsen says he paid a spiritual price for not receiving his sacrament.Freedom to use marijuana for religious worship is one of various amendments to Jamaica’s Dangerous Drugs Act supported by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s administration. Her ministers also have proposed unclogging courts by decriminalizing small amounts of weed for personal use, making possession of 2 ounces or less a .

Why Islam Prohibits the recreational use of marijuana AIM January 26, Islamic Articles, Lifestyle & Culture 16, Views Marijuana is the most widely used illegal narcotic in the United States and Europe.

Rastafarianism the transition of the recreational use of marijuana to a religious necessity

Religious Studies Essays. Rastafarianism: The Transition of the Recreational Use of Marijuana to a Religious Necessity. 2, words. 9 pages. An Analysis of the Different Interpretations of the Story of Creation in the Holy Bible.


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Rastafarians feel that marijuana is important for their understanding of self, the universe and God. The use of cannabis is part of what the Rastafari refer to as "reasoning sessions" where members join up and are encouraged to interact and discuss life according to the Rasta perspective.

During the transition to capitalism, marginalized urban Jamaicans History and Anthropology 95 used marijuana as a trade item out of economic necessity, and it became a powerful symbol of their peasant past (Chevannes ).

Furthermore, Rastafarians use the Old Testament of the Bible as a distillery for understanding the world. As one of the tribes of Israel, Judah, they understand the Old Testament to be, in part, a record of their history as well as a guide to their ethics.

Rastafarianism the transition of the recreational use of marijuana to a religious necessity
Jamaica is decriminalizing marijuana, but Rastafarians are still wary.