Sales control

What are sales control systems?

Sales control

Controlling Process and Methods Article shared by: Sales force control involves measuring sales force performance, comparing it with standards, detecting deviations and causes, and, if necessary, taking corrective actions so that performance takes place as per plan.

Effectiveness of sales force Management, to a large extent, depends on controlling mechanism practiced by the company.

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Control keeps sales people alert, active, Sales control, and regular in their efforts. Suitable controlling system is essential to both, company and salesmen. It is to be mentioned that very strict or very liberal controlling system is not advisable.

After analysis of nature of sales people, type of work, degree of cooperation, and other relevant variables, an appropriate controlling system should be designed.

Sales control

Note that control is not for fault-finding or punishing others, but is meant for keeping them right. Its purpose is not to keep unnecessary watch on them, but to prevent them make mistakes, and, if necessary, to take suitable corrective actions. Sales force control includes verifying sale force performance and taking corrective actions, if needed.

It can be defined as: For exercising control over sales force, mostly, sales volume, time, expenses, discipline, activities, etc.

Sales force controlling process involves four steps: Setting Sales Force Standards 2. Measuring Actual Sales Force Performance 3.

Several methods are used for controlling sales force efforts. Methods depend on areas, criteria, or aspects used for measuring and comparing. In every method, the same steps are followed. Widely practiced methods include: Allocating of sales quota 3. Maintaining continuous contact with salesmen 4.

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Definition of sales control: Management policies and practices aimed at ensuring that all sales are recorded, made at correct prices, and fulfilled to customers' satisfaction. BEI Sensors manufactures a wide range of encoder products including Incremental and Absolute Encoder Solutions, Rotary Optical Encoders, Magnetic Encoders, Hall Effect Non-Contact Position Sensors, Contact Potentiometers and other Motion Control products.

A complete list of Renesas Design Centers, Distributors, Headquarters, Manufacturing, Sales, and Value Added Resellers around the world. The sales ledger control account is used to monitor the amounts owed by customers to your business.

The complementary account is known as the purchase ledger control account, which records the amounts owed by your business to suppliers, for example.

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