Sam houston biography essay

Both of Houston's parents were descended from British immigrants who had settled in the British North America in the s. Houston's uncle, the Presbyterian Rev. Samuel Houston, was an elected member of the "lost" State of Franklin then in the western frontier of North Carolinawho advocated for the passage of his proposed "A Declaration of Rights or Form of Government on the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Frankland" at the convention that was assembled in Greeneville on November 14,

Sam houston biography essay

But events of tremendous gravity came fast upon the scene and changed the plans inaugurated at the instance of the Committees of Vigilance and Safety of Nacogdoches and San Augustine.

A consultation of all the people of Texas had been called to meet at San Felipe in November and General Houston had been elected a delegate to this convention and those in authority in eastern Texas urged him to attend. He did so and became a conspicuous leader in its deliberations.

When a proposition was submitted to at once proclaim Texas absolutely free of Mexico, he led the opposition to the plan. He expressed his unwillingness to so abruptly abandon the principles of the Constitution of and favored the organization of a government pledged to its principles.

He did not feel that the time had arrived when the colonists could afford to renounce their former adherence to the Constitution of The proposition was defeated after an acrimonious debate and in its stead the Consultation established a provisional Government and elected a Governor, a Lieutenant-Governor, a legislative Council and Commander-in-Chief Sam houston biography essay the army.

Henry Smith was chosen Governor, J. The Legislative Council was composed of one member from each municipality of the state. The convention differed very materially from the conventions of andin that the delegates to this convention were in open rebellion against Santa Anna, upon whom the conventions of and had depended for redress against the despotic rule of Bustamante.

The provisional government began functioning immediately after the adjournment of the convention, November 14th. Governor Smith sent his first message to the Council November 15th. Prior to the election of General Houston as Commander-in-Chief of the Texas armies, Sam houston biography essay army was under the command of General Edward Burleson, a most worthy and capable military leader.

But a state of war existed and the members of the Consultation recognized in General Houston a military chieftain of superior military genius. General Burleson had shown his gallantry and loyalty in many conflicts with the enemy and was held in the highest esteem by the army and the people.

Early in military events transpired which greatly embarrassed Governor Smith and General Houston and threatened the life of the provisional government. The General Council had so conducted itself as to lose the confidence of Governor Smith and bring on an open breach between that body and the executive.

There were doubtless men in that body opposed to the military programme being worked out by the Commander-in-Chief of the army, and they adopted a programme which violated the mandates of the organic law and conflicted with the authority of the Commander-in-Chief.

These men met as a Council from day to day, without a quorum, and authorized a military programme calculated to supersede General Houston.

In this they were unsuccessful and disaster came to all their efforts, and the unfortunate destruction of many lives. When Governor Smith learned that troops were being mobilized in Southwestern Texas for the purpose of attacking Matamoras, and of their refusal to obey orders emanating from the legal authorities of the government, he ordered General Houston to proceed to Refugio.

He obeyed these instructions. He reached Goliad about the middle of January and made known to the troops there the object of his visit, and enjoined obedience to his authority.

Colonel Grant was just on the eve of marching from Goliad to Refugio where a junction of the troops of Grant and Fannin were to be made.

General Houston could not understand this extraordinary conduct as he was ignorant of what the Council had done. But in the face of the conduct of Grant and his troops General Houston marched with him to Refugio.

Texas Declaration of Independence, | Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Published letters of Colonel Fannin, indicating his disregard of the authority of Governor Smith and the Commander-in-Chief of the army met his eyes. He realized more fully than ever before that quick action was necessary to forestall the evil about to be done, or confusion would follow and all would be lost.

The people of Refugio had elected him a delegate to this convention which trust he accepted.

On reaching San Felipe, he filed with Governor Smith his official report of his visit to Refugio, and then in obedience to instructions from Governor Smith proceeded to the Cherokee Nation to form a treaty with them and other nations. The other commissioners were John Cameron and Colonel Forbes.

Forbes met the Indians in Council and accomplished the objective of their mission. General Houston then returned to San Felipe and secured a furlough from the army to enable him to sit as a delegate in the convention which met at Old Washington March 1st.

Sam houston biography essay

This convention adopted a Declaration of Independence from Mexico, March 2, and he was a signer of that instrument. A constitution was also adopted and birth given to the Republic of Texas.

On March 6th, a message was received from Colonel W. Travis, Commander of the forces at the Alamo, of the most thrilling character. The reading of this letter created great excitement among the delegates who had assembled in the convention hall to hear its contents.

Despair was pictured in the faces of the bravest and best. Just what to do was a question that puzzled us all.The autobiography of Sam Houston.

Sam houston biography essay

[Sam Houston; Donald Day; Harry Herbert Ullom] -- In the decades preceding the Civil War, few figures in the United States were as influential or as controversial as Sam Houston. and most readable Sam Houston biography ever written. Drawn from personal papers never before available as well as the papers.

Sam Houston and the American Southwest Essay Words | 3 Pages. period in his novel, Sam Houston and the American Southwest, as well as the life and times of the southwest’s hero himself, Sam Houston.

[tags: Biography] Research Papers words ( pages) Essay about Sam Houston - Sam Houston Sam Houston was as legend reports a big man about six foot and six inches tall.

He was an exciting historical figure and war hero who was involved with much of the early development of our country and Texas. Sam Houston Biography Lawyer, Military Leader, Governor (–) Statesman Samuel Houston was a key political figure in the creation of the state of Mar 02, Sam Houston Website.

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Think Through Math. Born in Virginia, Sam Houston () became a lawyer, congressman and senator in Tennessee. After moving to Texas in , he joined the growing conflict between U.S.

settlers and the Mexican.

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