Surrealism 20th century art movements essay

Contact Author American Gothic, a famed painting from the twentieth century that failed to define itself within the bounds of the largest art movements of the time. Source The twentieth century was one of particular worldwide upheaval, ranging from wars to economic downturns to radical political movements. No one can disagree that the years between and were years of extreme change for artists all over the world.

Surrealism 20th century art movements essay

Coolessay in Other Surrealism is an artistic movement that reflects the main tendencies of art philosophy of the 20th century.

It is valuable mostly for literature works and pictorial art, which are based on the concepts of psychoanalysis, to a large extent. It should be mentioned that surrealism has gained its popularity due to its spreading through fashion, photography and advertising, which allowed addressing enormous auditory, which was not originally interested in art.

Here are some more aspects, which you can reveal in your essay about surrealistic movement. Additionally, he marks out the importance of unconscious mind and its key role in the surrealistic art in general.

Art criticism in the 20th century

Surrealism was greatly influenced by psychoanalysis, developed by Sigmund Freud. Especially, they paid attention to the power of imagination and sub-consciousness. It is claimed that our unconscious desired are repressed by our conscious mind through taboos set by society; and the genuine task of the artist is to get rid of the conscious pressure and reveal the desires and images from sub-consciousness in artistic works.

Another scholar who had a significant influence was Karl Marx.

Fauvism and Expressionism

He stated that spirit opens controversial aspects in daily life and urges on revolution. It should be noted that surrealism continues the tradition of Romanticism with an essential change that its exposes can originate in usual conditions. The key concepts used by surrealists are myth, sub-consciousness, and primitivism.

Also, surrealism takes antiauthoritarianism path, which is caused by historical factors. Additionally, it has very strong anti-rationalism pathos that refutes conscious arrangements in art but supports unconscious mind, which is free from taboos.

Initially, surrealism originated as literary movement but later it became extremely popular in painting under influence of abstract expressionists. The methods of expression, which surrealists mostly use, are bizarre and symbolism. It allows to state that surrealism synthesizes symbolism, avant-garde, romanticism and psychoanalysis.

One of the most popular techniques of symbolists is collage: The most well-known artists are Salvador Dali and Man Ray.

They popularized surrealism by means of fashion, photography and advertising. Which type of paper to select. Select a type of essay, which you are going to complete on your topic. You may write a definition paper and provide your personal explanation to the term of surrealism.

It is also possible to complete a biography paper selecting one of the famous surrealist and explain his vision of this style. You may also choose to complete a compare and contrast paper. In this context, you can compare surrealism with any other movement, contrast two surrealistic painters, writers, or works.The movement found renewal in the United States at Peggy Guggenheim’s gallery, Art of This Century, and the Julien Levy Gallery.


In , Breton organized the fourth International Surrealist Exhibition in Mexico City, which included the Mexicans Frida Kahlo (–) and Diego Rivera (–) (although neither artist officially. 20th-Century Art General Early 20th-Century Art Later 20th-Century Art Fauvism Expressionism Cubism Futurism Dada Surrealism Abstract Expressionim Pop Art Op Art Minimalism Conceptual Art Performance Art Environmental Art Neo-Expressionism Postmodernism.

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early s, and is best known for its visual artworks and ph-vs.coms painted unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision, created strange creatures from everyday objects, and developed painting techniques that allowed the unconscious to express itself.

Its aim was to "resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream.

Surrealism 20th century art movements essay

Free Essay: Surrealism Surrealism was one of the most influential artistic movements of the 20th Century. André Breton consolidated Surrealism as a movement. Mar 26,  · 20th Century Art Movements with Timeline. Updated on June 13, Shanna. more. art of the Surrealism movement is fascinating to look at and study today and is reminiscent of some of our strangest dreams and ideas.

Surrealism was the return to a calmer art movement that sought to dig deeper into human consciousness, emotion and preference Reviews: Essay Futurism began in Italy in the early 20th century.

it appeared on the front page of the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro Considered to be one of the most politicized art movements of the 20th century Futurist soirees were It was similar in some elements to the mystical 19th-century Symbolist movement.

Surrealism philosophy was deeply.

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