The influence of humanity on planet earth

Edit The Earth was initially formed from molten magma and gas.

The influence of humanity on planet earth

History[ edit ] Origin and rise[ edit ] Having evolved and achieved civilization on Earthoriginally known as "Erda" or "Erde-Tyrene", [6] humanity first became a spacefaring civilization at some point prior to 1, BCE.

These early humans settled on numerous worlds along the galactic margin; these regions would be targeted by the Flood 's initial assault over a million years later.

It was not until much later when scientists led by Yprin Yprikushma confirmed that humanity had arisen on Earth. This civilization encountered the Flood in approximatelyBCE and went to war against the parasite after discovering its true nature.

After losing many planets to the Flood humanity desperately invaded a minor sector of the Forerunners' ecumeneostensibly in an attempt to seize new territory to replace the worlds they had lost, though at least some instances of this seeming aggression were in fact humanity sterilizing worlds where Flood infestation had already taken hold.

Nevertheless, the Forerunners responded violently to this aggression and waged war with the humans and their San'Shyuum allies. The resulting conflicts lasted for a thousand years.

Under Yprin Yprikushma 's orders, this being, known as the Primordialwas placed in a stasis capsule and transported to Charum Hakkor for study. The Flood no longer infected humans and instead began to rapidly die out, with both humans and Forerunners sterilizing the remaining infestations.

In reality, however, the Flood had receded by its own volition after the sacrifice; no truly functioning cure was ever created or used by humanity, [15] though both Forerunners and humans themselves remained under such illusion.

After holding off for fifty-three years they were defeated at the hands of the Forerunners, led by the Didact. However, this strategy was denied, as the human leadership chose to face defeat rather than allowing the Flood to spread.

As punishment for defying the Forerunners, nearly all of humanity was wiped out and the remnants and technological achievements of their civilization were extirpated.

The influence of humanity on planet earth

Furthermore, the surviving humans were subjected to a process of biological devolution; [19] [20] live humans were forced to consciously experience an artificially induced reversion of their evolutionary process, to the point of their bodies transforming to their ancestral forms and eventually losing intelligence.

Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting speculated it may have been humanity's last act of revenge to leave the Forerunners unprepared to face the incoming threat that led to the firing of the Halo Array.

As the remnant of the Precursorsthe Flood sought to punish the Forerunners for destroying them and ensure that humanity obtained the Mantle. When the Forerunners retaliated against the humans for invading Forerunner worlds, the Flood predicted that the Forerunners would try to exterminate humanity.

Of its own volition, the Flood abruptly receded from human territory, knowing that the humans would temporarily rebound and thus unknowingly deceive the Forerunners into thinking they may have developed a cure. This caused the Forerunners to restrain themselves from eradicating humanity completely and preserve a regressed remnant population, since they needed living humans to study if their apparent Flood cure was to be found.

Erde-Tyrene civilization After their once highly advanced civilization had been shattered by the Forerunners, most humans lived within hunter-gatherer communities. The humans seen here are observing the portal to the Ark. Forced to start again, the collective human genus tried in vain to reattain their former glory.

Some human communities, such as the civilization built around Erde-Tyrene's largest city, Marontikestablished wooden cities and steam-powered waterborne vessels nearly nine thousand years later.

Rediscovery[ edit ] For much of humanity's history prior to the midth century, virtually all artifacts and records of their former civilization had been lost to time.

However, in the mid s, after the Human-Covenant War had ended, small but significant discoveries began to trickle in about humanity's powerful past. On Heianruins were found resembling a wide variety of human styles, including Greco-Roman, Middle Eastern, and East Asian, with subtle Forerunner themes.

The Department of Xenoarchaeological Studies at the University of Edinburgh found the obvious elements of human architecture in the structures puzzling, wondering if their builders borrowed from human architecture or the other way around.

On Onyxan artifact referred to as the Bornstellar Relation gave a testimony of the life of the Forerunner Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lastingincluding the knowledge that humanity had once been a Tier 1 species. She revealed the times of the ancient human-Forerunner wars to the Spartan, as well as the origins of the mechanical Prometheansancient humans who had been the first "conscripts" into the Didact 's army during the last years of the Forerunner's war against the Flood.

The Librarian further revealed that she had been guiding humanity since their devolution, notably instigating the physical evolution of the select few humans who met the SPARTAN-II program's genetic requirements, as well as the creation of powered armor and even AIs like Cortanain an attempt to prepare humanity from an unknown threat.

The Librarian would call John "the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning. While ancient humans exhibited a range of morphological variation, [33] the ethnic group represented by Forthencho and his bridge crew were remarkably similar in appearance to modern Homo sapiens.

They possessed straight to wavy hair textures, thin to full lips, and an overall largely similar facial composition to their modern counterparts. They all had black or dark brown skin. However, he still retained the body mass he possessed in his youth. Given the length of Forthencho's career at least a thousand years it can be concluded that ancient humans had much longer lifespans a record made by Guilty Spark on Reclaimers and specifically John indicated that one of the physiological ailments he possesses is modern humanity's "highly truncated lifespan" than their modern descendants whether naturally, due to advanced medical science, or a combination of the twoalthough their lifespans still paled in comparison to those of the Forerunners.

According to the Ur-Didacthumanity believed themselves to be the true inheritors of the Mantle of Responsibilitya notion the Forerunners considered heretical.

Chakasexamining the harvested memories of his ancestors imprinted to him as part of a geasdiscovered that they believed in "creating many souls", or expanding their population by conquering and claiming other worlds. During the siege of Charum Hakkor, even human children were organized into their own defensive guards.The World (世界, Sekai) is used to refer to either the Earth, Gaia, or the collective unconsciousness of mankind, Alayashiki.

There also exist the Reverse Side of the World and the Outside of the World. The Ultimate Ones are vessels upon which the planet's will is manifested, and rather than being. The human impact on this planet has been huge in a relatively short period of time. These pictures are not about data, but about better picturing this impact through visual examples.

These pictures are not about data, but about better picturing this impact through visual examples. Chapter XV Christ and His Mission. The Evolution of Religion.

In the foregoing part of this work we have become familiar with the way in which our present outside world came into existence, and how man evolved the complicated organism with which he is related to outer conditions.

We have also, in a measure, studied the Jewish Race-religion. We will next consider the last and greatest of the. Chapter – This portion of the tablet has the new king deciding to place the defeated king, which is expected to die from swallowing the new kings penis, on mars in exile while he dies.

Sylvia Earle, Here’s how to protect the blue heart of the planet, TED Talks, February Increasing rapid ocean acidification, caused by the oceans absorbing more carbon dioxide than usual (because it is emitted by humans more than it should) also affects marine ecosystems, as explained on this site’s climate change and biodiversity page.

In other words, there is a carrying capacity for human life on our planet. Carrying capacity is the maximum number of a species an environment can support indefinitely. Every species has a carrying capacity, even humans. However, it is very difficult for ecologists to calculate human carrying capacity.

Humans are a complex species.

Making Sense of Humanity's Impact on Earth from Outer Space