The role of imperfect knowledge and the peso problem

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The role of imperfect knowledge and the peso problem

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The authors offer a well worked out model of how agents persistently bid the exchange rate away from the expected long-run equilibrium rate. It seems intuitively comfortable to see the mathematical justification for the unexplained excess returns to be a function of the distance from the bench-mark PPP.

The uncertainty of a switch occurring in a regime the Peso Problem is an interest-ing form within which to embed the imperfect information. Of course, the choice of the benchmark is key to the mechanics of the process. In this case, PPP is an obvious choice… but, since the idea of PPP drives this model so strongly, it is interesting to look at its place and its characteristics.

Behind the flow of goods and services is the gap between the gap between, domestic and foreign short-term rates, and the steady state long-run interest rate gap that sets goods flows to zero. At the theoretical level, PPP should simply offer equal purchasing power for equal commodity bundles through the exchange rate.

Unfortunately, the problem of explaining stylized facts requires some matching with reality. Set-tling for getting the signs right mitigates much of the angst, but, as has been demonstrated by the predictive abilities of many of the models to date, the problem is not really solved.

Perhaps the model of PPP as a function of interest rates only misses something… But here we have a BIG step from the real exchange rate side, not from the side of better modeling PPP toward not only getting the signs right, but also understanding the dynamics of the switch.51 Imperfect Solutions is an insightful they tend to focus on the negative role States have played in its development.

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The social What Should A Representation Be? 1) Surrogate: imperfect fidelity Æ incorrect inference is inevitable. A. Economists have thought a great deal about "principal-agent problems." An agent is a person a principal hires to act in his (the principal's) interest.

B. When information is imperfect, the principal needs to figure out some way to "align" the agent's incentives . U.S. Copyright Office Section Electronic - Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords [(d)(1)].

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Even imperfect corrective government policies have a good chance of improving upon this inefficiency.

The role of imperfect knowledge and the peso problem

In real world, inefficiency problems and the need for corrective government policies are .

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