The use of nature in japanese literature as a whole form of storytelling

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The use of nature in japanese literature as a whole form of storytelling

Modeling Teacher creates a story dealing with emotions and tells students how she dealt with these emotions—by writing a poem.

Guided Practice Teacher suggests that students write Haiku poems to express their emotions. Teacher shows the method of writing a Haiku poem. Teacher then takes students outside to the courtyard and encourages them to focus on the nature aspects of the courtyard. Independent Practice Students will divide into groups of 3 — 4 persons and will choose a topic relating to nature.

They will create, edit, and refine their poem, draw a picture related to the poem, include a title, and choose a kanji that supports the intent of their poem.

Groups will then volunteer to present their creation to the class in the tatami room. Assessment Receive participation points for working cooperatively in groups.

Complete a group assessment survey form. Volunteer to present their group Haiku poem, picture and kanji to the class. Be assessed by a scoring rubric.

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Write a reflection piece about their newfound appreciation of nature. Tell students to visit Brookside gardens to see the Live Butterfly show in action, take digital pictures create power point presentation and submit for extra credit.

The use of nature in japanese literature as a whole form of storytelling

Or take a field trip to Brookside gardens and explore the different nature settings by taking pictures with the digital camera, creating haiku poems to accompany the pictures and creating a power point presentation that students can present and show to other classes who are not currently able to benefit from taking a foreign language.

After they model their pictures and poems, they can show new pictures from the gardens and teach students how to write Haiku poems. In the 2nd and 3rd columns, please rate each member of your group by the amount of work they completed and how cooperative they worked with the group.

Rate each member according to the criteria below on a scale from 1 — All Sorts. A Flowering Tree An excellent book of 77 Indian folktales, the whole text now online and easy to search.

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Translated by an eminent author and scholar, each tale has notes and commentary, giving cultural background, comparative types and motifs, and an essay on women-centred folktales.

a movement in the late 19th, early 20th century in literature and the visual arts inspired by the Darwinian view of nature and scientific means and approaches. Sought to create an even more realistic literature, often through "slice of life" realism.

Designed as a craftsperson's overview of the drawing and storytelling decisions and possibilities available to comics artists, covering everything from facial expressions and page layout to the choice of tools and story construction, Making Comics, like its predecessors, is also an eye-opening trip behind the scenes of art-making, fascinating for anyone reading comics as well as those making them.

Nonlinear narrative, disjointed narrative or disrupted narrative is a narrative technique, sometimes used in literature, film, hypertext websites and other narratives, where events are portrayed, for example, out of chronological order or in other ways where the narrative does not follow the direct causality pattern of the events featured, such.

African literature - The riddle: In the riddle, two unlike, and sometimes unlikely, things are compared. The obvious thing that happens during this comparison is that a problem is set, then solved. But there is something more important here, involving the riddle as a figurative form: the riddle is composed of two sets, and, during the process of riddling, the aspects of each of the sets are.

The use of nature in japanese literature as a whole form of storytelling

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