Tropics in new york essay example

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Tropics in new york essay example

Poem Summary Lines The first stanza is filled with the names of luscious, exotic fruit from a land other than America. It ends with a festive outdoor activity, a parish fair, which would have been a social event that gathered together a dispersed agricultural community.

Analysis of “The Tropics in New York” by Claude McKay Essay Sample

It is the sort of event that a stranger in a strange Tropics in new york essay example would remember longingly. Lines The speaker mentions a window, which serves a dual purpose: Lines The warm nostalgia the speaker related toward his homeland in the first two stanzas now makes him sad in his longing for it.

Not being able to live there, he feels helpless and alienated in his new surroundings. The hunger in line 11 ties the end of the poem to the luscious fruits at the beginning. Make the details vivid, appealing to the five senses.

Tropics in new york essay example

Do you think that this speaker is usually nostalgic for the old ways, or is this a mood that comes up once in a while? Themes Culture Clash The title of this poem is a contradiction, a clash of landscapes. New York City in the s thrived with diverse immigrant cultures all living within a few city blocks of each other.

The narrator of the poem arranges an exotic grocery list on his windowsill for us to view: Although McKay does not describe the urban New York landscape in detail, we can imagine the harsh contrast of what the speaker sees looking through his downtown apartment window and what the exotic fruit reminds him of: Reminiscence and Memory The odd contrast between the exotic fruit set against the New York urban landscape inspires the speaker to reminisce and long for his homeland.

After he surveys the tropical arrangement of fruits set in his windowsill, the speaker looks out the window into what should be downtown New York, but instead sees scenes from his childhood in Jamaica. Alienation and Loneliness A stranger in a strange landscape, the speaker first finds comfort in the familiar fruits he has placed on his windowsill to ripen, but soon he is overcome by the memories they evoke, as well as feelings of alienation and loneliness.

Like the alligator pear strangely out of place against a backdrop of brownstone apartments, taxis, and fire escapes, the speaker is alien to his environment. The rhyme scheme of each quatrain is abab.

The Tropics of New York by Claude McKay - Poems |

The rhythm of each line is iambic pentameter. Iambic refers to the fact that each line is made up of pairs of syllables, the first unstressed and the second stressed. Iambic pentameter is one of the most common rhythms used in poetry, because it follows the natural rising-and-falling pattern of English speech.

Taken along with the simple, almost song-like swaying of the abab rhyme pattern, we can assume that this is a poem with simple, direct intentions, with no deep mystery for the reader to unravel. Still a strong force in the SouthKlansmen in Greensboro, N.

Following the Russian Revolutionthe Soviet Union is created. Russian President Gorbachev convinces the congress to surrender power September 5th, ending the Union of Soviet Republics and communist rule. Although capitalist democracy has replaced communist rule for more than eight years, polls indicate that almost half of Russian citizens asked feel their quality of living has actually decreased with the advent of democracy and capitalism.

The blast also kills his young grandson and a young friend. Many other British soldiers and politicians are killed within weeks of the bombing in similar ambushes and sniper attacks. After years of violence, both IRA and British leaders take a significant step toward peace by signing an agreement on April 9th.

This agreement will turn direct rule of Northern Ireland back over to Irish officials.McKay alludes to the past by thinking about when he was growing up on the tropics of Jamaica and how much he misses living there. He appreciates the small things, such as the fruit he saw as he walked by the store front window.

New York should really be the official capital city of the world and should be a benchmark for other cities trying to become a truly global city.

A global city doesn’t have to be defined by global investment but should equally be defined by its population composition and how welcoming it is to foreigners. How food relates to the following poem The tropics in New York, short story A Hunger Artist and a play Six degrees of separation - Essay Example.

In , McKay moved back to the United States and lived in Harlem, New York.

Tropics in new york essay example

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In the following essay, Semansky explores how McKay’s vivid and evocative imagery functions in “The Tropics in New York.” In the first stanza of his poem, “The Tropics in New York,” Claude McKay describes a veritable cornucopia of fruits and plants.

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