Westmount retirement residence cos system analysis

Valuation of Goodwill and other Intangible Assets. Subsidiaries Schedule A annexed hereto sets out the major companies within the organizational structure of the Company as of December 30, and the jurisdiction of incorporation of each subsidiary. Each of the subsidiaries is wholly owned, either directly or indirectly, by the Company. It specializes in three market segments:

Westmount retirement residence cos system analysis

Phase one includes an storey tower for active seniors in the and-up age bracket. Plans also call for younger residents to be housed in apartment units clustered around common areas, such as kitchens and bike workshops.

As I tell my team: On the other hand, proponents of a robust private retirement-home market contend it is more efficient than the public sector. Last December, just over 2, people in Quebec aged 75 and over were waiting — in some regions for an average of 15 months — for a housing spot in public long-term-care facilities to open up, according to the institute, citing figures from the Health and Welfare Commissioner.

Montreal geriatric consultant Bonnie Sandler says that, for many seniors, moving into a retirement residence is simply not an option. In Quebec, there is a wider capture by the industry of independent seniors at a stage in their lives where they are not yet in need of assisted care, whereas in Ontario — for example — the tendency has been for seniors to opt for retirement-home living later on, when assistance is more likely to be required, Mr.

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The company builds, owns and operates its facilities and has its own construction firm, market analysis team, management group and other units.

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Westmount retirement residence cos system analysis

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