Writing a check for over 10000

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Writing a check for over 10000

Van Howe attacks a straw man References Bollinger, D. Reply to Morris and Waskett Int.

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Critical Comment on Morris and Krieger Advances in Sexual Medicine, 5, Does sexual function survey in Denmark offer any support for male circumcision having an adverse effect? Psychology Today, On-line blog article: A Response to Morris et al. Various numbers are bandied around —10, and 20, being the usual ones.

Intactivists, it seems, cannot even agree on the basic fallacies of their faith. Like so much of what intactivists claim, this canard is all over the Internet but completely absent from the medical scientific literature, as a quick Google and PubMed search will show, respectively.

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Internet myths can be tricky to track down to source, but this intrepid debunker has done it. There are actually two sources, one for 10, another for 20, although they often get conflated. I will deal with the lesser number first. Ken McGrath, at an intactivist conference held around This was in response to a query at the conference, and was an extrapolation based on the numbers of such nerve endings in finger tips.

Dear Laura and Colleagues, I had better put my hand up to confess as the source of the original figure of 10, it has inflated somewhat since. When looking at transverse sections of an index finger, I noted that a Meissner corpuscle existed between each sweat duct, therefore, between each pore on the skin.

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Furthermore, they were arrayed along the rete ridges which are repeated in the ridges seen in a fingerprint together with the pores. So one can look at a fingerprint, see the pore circles on the ridges and know that a corpuscle exists between each one. What do we mean? Are we talking about fine touch receptors the epicritical modality or total receptors?

Let us start by eliminating free nerve endings FNEs which moderate pain and extremes of temperature the protopathic modality because they are evenly distributed without difference across all skin and number between 10— per axon over a field of about 1 sq.

Merkel cells are thought to moderate fine touch and exist in the basal layer of the epithelium, but as they, too, are small in number and have a largely unknown activity, we can leave them out as well.

writing a check for over 10000

Which leaves us with the Meissner receptors which are the main players in the fine touch business. Now to the foreskin.

I will take an average size at 3 inches long from coronal ridge overlay externally to sulcus junction internally by 4 inches in circumference, or more simply a rectangle of 3 x 4 in.

This equals 12 sq. Our pseudo-precise total is therefore 67, In round figures then, we may argue that the foreskin has at least 70, Meissner corpuscles, but on reconsidering how much more sensitive some areas of the foreskin are in comparison with fingertips see Sorrels et alI think this figure is an under-estimate and may be closer to theupper limit I originally specified than I was then prepared to accept.

My fingertips are about 4 sq. With respect to the clitoris: It is a very small organ, certainly not larger than a fingertip, but the quoted figure of nerve endings is not inconceivable. We can, however, firmly dispute the claim that it has more nerve endings than the penis!

They are thought to be more dense.

writing a check for over 10000

The exact nature and distribution of nerve endings in the foreskin has not been investigated since Bazett et al made some secondary counts in the s, and they made a number of assumptions with mistaken identities of type.

So we have no real facts to go on, this and the axon mapping of the prepuce and glans being largely unknown. I hope this cast a little more light on the dilemma with the hope that my maths is not awry.Calligraphy is an ancient writing technique using flat edged pens to create artistic lettering using thick and thin lines depending on the direction of the stroke.

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